Flexible Packaging

Load a lotion, sell some scents, cache some cream, or make a mailer for moisturizers.
Flexible Pouches, the perfect packet for your products.

Flexible Facination

Stick Pack Pouches - Stick packaging is used for many different products lines. They are frequently used for single serve products.


Pillow Pack Pouches - These pouches are simple, neat and uniform. They stack neatly into any container or secondary packaging.


Portion Pack Pouches - Portion Pack Pouches provide the perfect size fill for the perfect product performance.


Stand Up Pouches - Stand Up Pouches are great for larger fill applications. They also provide a strong shelf appeal at the store. And no secondary packaging is required.


Travel Pack Wipes - The optimum towel material will allow your product to be the ultimate product preferred by everyone.


Towelette Wipes - The key benefits for towelettes and wipes are their flexibility, versatility and their variety of sizes.