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Flexible Packaging

Simpler than ever

Flexible packaging is the most economical method to present your product to market. These pouches are relatively small and allow the user to easily carry your product with them until just the right time for use. These pouches are perfect for single-serve applications. A premeasured amount of your product is easily dispensed. Convenience is their strong point.

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Rigid Packaging/Wipes

Rigid packaging offers a strong container. Each container offers multiple quantities of wipes. This is the most economical of all types of wipes packaging.

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We take care of your products with any type of secondary packaging that you desire. Cartons, bags, wrapping, labeling, etc., we do it all for you. We also offer services for warehousing and drop shipments.

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Clean Room

When environmental controls are important, we control the temperature, the humidity and the dust. When your product requires the highest attention to detail, we get your job done right.

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The Positives Pouches Provides

Quality Control - We commit the utmost care and craftsmanship to each pouch we create.


Safe and Clean - Pouches Inc. provides environment controlled packaging suites to protect your precious package.


Full Service Facility - In house capabilities include printing, testing and any particular machining and tooling you require.


Planet Pouch - We operate in a FDA compliant facility.


Checking P's and Q's - Complete production records maintained for each order.


Done means Done - We offer secondary packaging & fulfillment: Cartoning, Bagging, Shrink Wrap, and Labeling. Anything you need to go to Market.